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Open Banking and the Future of Finance

From the way we spend and save money, to the ways banks make it – Open Banking is going to change the heart and mind of the financial sector. This was the spirit of the Freeformers Open Banking event today, chaired by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman.

The morning explored the future of Open Banking; its impact on traditional financial institutions and the role of collaboration with fintech start-ups to meet the evolving demands of customers. The lively event showcased valuable insight into how to prepare both workforces and customers as the financial sector evolves.  

Speakers included the chairman of Freeformers Sir Anthony Salz and co-founder Adam Freeman. The audience was filled with some of the biggest names in banking, including high-profile figures involved in the day-to-day digital transformation of Barclays, CYBG, and RBS. Representatives from the Open Banking Institute and the FCA also joined the event, sharing their insight on the matter.

This breakfast was the first in a series of events looking to embrace digital disruption in financial services. Freeformers’ latest campaign ‘Mapping the Digital Future’ is setting out to advise and inspire businesses to embrace digitalisation in the workplace.

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Access your free chapter now

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