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Plexal and IBM build solutions with SMEs to government challenges

Global technology company IBM and Plexal, the innovation company founded by Delancey, have developed new technology with SMEs in response to the UK government’s innovation and technology priorities.

The government’s Integrated Review says that regaining technological advantage is a top priority, while the government also aims to direct 33% of central government procurement to SMEs by 2023. In response, Plexal is helping IBM rapidly partner with SMEs and other partners to deliver proofs of concepts for technology that could be used by the public or private sectors.

Through the Mission Technology Integrator, Plexal is working with IBM to identify commercial ways of engaging with SMEs outside of its network and unlock the potential of technology.

Plexal and IBM have already completed four innovation sprints. These sprints resulted in two proofs of concepts with SMEs that can be sold to the government and the private sector, with a fourth proof of concept about to be built.

Andrew Roughan, managing director, Plexal, said:   

“We’re excited to work with IBM to select these new challenge areas to address society’s most pressing security risks. It’s essential that big and small companies across the private sector collaborate and build technology together. Not just technology for its own sake but technology that the UK needs most to keep society and our economy safe and to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to mission-critical capabilities. We’re extremely proud of the collaboration model we’ve built for IBM, which has fairness at the heart and is challenge oriented.”

Seven Hills is proud to support Plexal on this innovative partnership with IBM unlocking the potential of technology to support SMEs. You can find out more at:

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