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Plexal hosts Treasury Connects conference

Plexal recently hosted Treasury Connects at Here East in the Olympic Park — a landmark Treasury Conference that featured Chancellor Rishi Sunak, alongside some of the UK’s biggest technology firms and fast-growing start-ups to celebrate the UK’s world-leading tech sector. 

In his keynote address, the Chancellor discussed the importance of government investment in tech, new plans to reform UK data protection laws and opportunities for cutting-edge tech initiatives in the wake of the pandemic. He also led four sessions focused on access to finance, fintech, talent and life sciences.

“[The UK] is a very attractive place globally to invest right now and that’s what we need, because we want to help drive the recovery and create jobs,” Mr Sunak said.  

The event provided an opportunity for innovative thinking, as well as a forum for tech leaders to ask vital questions about how the potential of UK tech can be harnessed. The Seven Hills team were pleased to be supporting Plexal at Treasury Connects, highlighting the essential role the thriving tech sector will play as the UK strides towards economic recovery post pandemic.

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