Harness the power of computer vision and augmented reality to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.


Blippar is one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech companies and a global leader in augmented reality and computer vision.

Founded in 2011, Blippar is delivering on the vast potential of these technologies to transform the world’s largest industries – from retail to transport, fashion to automotive – and provide immersive experiences for millions of people around the world.

Seven Hills runs a proactive media campaign for Blippar, its co-founders Ambarish Mitra and Omar Tayeb, and Danny Lopez, the firm’s COO and a former Consul General to New York.


Seven Hills’ campaign focuses on positioning Blippar as a pioneer in computer vision and augmented reality, educating about these technologies’ vast potential, and developing a platform for Danny Lopez as a key authority on the issues that matter to UK tech.

Seven Hills also supports Blippar on the launch of its technological developments. In November 2017, Seven Hills worked with Blippar on the launch of AR City, the firm’s new navigation technology bringing together augmented reality and computer vision to transform urban travel. Seven Hills secured coverage for the technology on BBC News.

Seven Hills also works with Blippar’s CEO, Ambarish Mitra, to provide on-the-ground media support at high-profile business events such as Web Summit and the World Economic Forum.



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