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Jacana’s mission is to bring nature’s medicine to the world. By harnessing the power of nature, Jacana provides relief that people can trust, enabling them to live their lives – improving their wellbeing, their health and their happiness.


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Its international media launch ensured Jacana’s place as a leader in the global medical cannabis industry.



Seven Hills worked with Jacana on its international media launch, to ensure the pioneering medical cannabis company was recognised as a leader in the global medical cannabis industry, building on its existing presence in Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

As part of the media launch, Seven Hills announced Jacana’s $25 million fundraise, and its export of Jamaican cannabis to Canada, which was a historic moment – the first time Jamaican cannabis has ever been legally exported.

Jacana is dedicated to empowering not just those who use their product, but also those who grow it.

Cultivating, manufacturing and distributing medical cannabis internationally, Jacana is dedicated to producing one of the world’s most natural products, sun-grown in harmony with nature, empowering not just those who use it but also those who grow it.

All of Jacana’s produce is currently grown in natural conditions at Jacana’s flagship, 4.4 million sq ft farm, in Saint Ann’s, Jamaica. The unique microclimate and latitude create perfect conditions for the plants, which are watered by the natural source of the White River, which runs through the farm.

The campaign generated global coverage, with pieces in 'The Economist', 'Financial Times' and BBC World Service.
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Seven Hills positioned Jacana as one of the only medical cannabis companies producing completely natural outdoor grown cannabis, to provide natural relief to chronic pain.

A targeted media campaign saw co-founder Alexandra Chong undertake a number of interviews, resulting in coverage on a global scale.

Coverage included profiles and news pieces in The Observer, The Economist, Sky News, BBC World Service, Financial Times, The Times, Evening Standard, SiFTed, Daily Mail and City AM.

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