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To support the Association of Commonwealth Universities in developing a new brand and positioning, and raise their profile as champions of the power of higher education to build a better world.


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“It brings me incredible pride to support a network of universities each aligned with the shared goal of enabling students worldwide to maximise their potential” – HRH The Duchess of Sussex




The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is the voice of the higher education sector across the Commonwealth. With over 500 member institutions in over 50 countries worldwide, the ACU commits to offering life-changing educational opportunities to young people.

Delivering new brand guidelines and a striking visual brand identity Seven Hills helped with the launch comprehensive new strategy for the ACU, ‘The Road to 2030’ – launched with the support of the ACU’s Patron, HRH the Duchess of Sussex, who in a special message to the ACU wrote: “I am inspired by the students of today, by their vision and ambition for positive change, and by their understanding of the powerful role higher education can play to create a brighter future.”

Seven Hills worked with the ACU on creating an international media platform to communicate its mission on the world stage. 

The ACU has over 500 member institutions in 50 countries across the Commonwealth

Seven Hills assisted in a number of the ACU’s announcements including of the Duchess of Sussex’s Patronage of the ACU, and delivered an international campaign to highlight core areas of the ACU’s work, including the impact of the QECS scheme in the Southern hemisphere.

Seven Hills placed powerful and compelling opinion editorials in The PIE News, University World News, Times Higher Education and engaged a worldwide audience with the ACU’s campaign, placing coverage in The Australian, Huff Post, and CNN International.

Seven Hills helped with the launch comprehensive new strategy for the ACU with the support of HRH the Duchess of Sussex
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Dr Joanna Newman, the Secretary General of the ACU, has shared stories of the ACU’s international mission and impact with UK national media, from BBC News and The Sunday Times in the UK to People magazine in North America, contributing regularly to the higher education press including University World News and Times Higher Education.

 The launch of ‘The Road to 2030’ was covered widely in the UK and overseas, with the Press Association writing on the ACU’s committed role in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals across the Commonwealth Nations.

‘The Road to 2030’ can be viewed online here:


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