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Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition choose Plexal and Here East to deliver their priorities for 2023

Plexal and Here East welcomed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Keir Starmer to their innovation campus in the heart of East London.

Speaking from Plexal, the Prime Minister made five commitments for 2023, which included halving inflation to alleviate the cost of living crisis and reducing NHS waiting lists so that people get the care they need more quickly.

The Leader of the Opposition gave his speech at UCL Here East. He emphasised the importance of higher education, research and technology for economic growth. Starmer described how he hoped to build the British economy and said that universities, young people, and researchers gave him optimism for the future.

Both parties agreed that the UK should prioritise innovation. As a tech and innovation campus rooted in driving forward the skills of the future in London and across the country, Plexal and Here East were pleased to see these commitments.

Here East is London’s leading technology campus. Data from Oxford Economics last year revealed that Here East supported close to 10,300 jobs across the UK, sustaining £317 million in wages and contributing £700 million in GVA towards GDP.

Plexal is the dedicated innovation consultancy that sits within the campus.It combines open innovation with a community of fast-growth startups to help enterprises and the government unlock the potential of technology. Plexal delivers innovation projects for some of the most influential government departments and global tech companies, including IBM, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

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