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Scaleup Week 2022: hear from the experts on scaling successfully

This year, Scaleup Week – the UK’s largest nationwide gathering of growth businesses – brought together industry experts to discuss the pressing issues affecting UK scaleups today.

The event, led by BGF and Scaleup Institute with express support from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, explored the possibilities of good growth in a time of constant change. Four key debates asked how businesses can scale successfully and responsibly in a decade set to see fundamental changes to our economy, society, and environment.

  • Achieving Net Zero: where will green investment come from?’ discussed the viability of the net zero approach in the current economic climate
  • Working for everyone: how scaleups can build inclusive workforces’, a panel on the future of work looking at the value of inclusivity in driving scaleup growth
  • Globalisation on pause: how scaleups can navigate today’s uncertainty’ saw our panellists discuss how scaleups remain resilient to the increasing uncertainty of the global market
  • Scaling sustainably: how scaleups can balance a growing footprint with a growing business’ included insights into how businesses can disentangle growth from environmental costs

Catch up on Hopin to hear what the experts had to say. Watch now.

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Access your free chapter now

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