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A clear and compelling mission isn’t just about getting noticed. In a transparent, scrutinised, and sceptical world, it’s about winning preference. Today’s stakeholders, customers and employees want to know more than what and how much – they want to know why. We work with organisations to help them define, distil and campaign around their mission.

MissionLab is our way of getting to the heart of your story. Our approach involves a structured process to test mission, interrogate brand narrative, and explore stories and proof points. We take the ideas and ambitions of you and your team to shape a powerful narrative, creative assets, and a compelling proposition to campaign around.

We can also help you better articulate your mission to your audiences: from running away days and off-site presentations for your teams, to drafting and securing keynote addresses for your leaders, to delivering workshops and media training to engage your stakeholders.

Introducing Mission

Seven Hills founders Michael Hayman MBE and Nick Giles authored Mission: How the Best in Business Break Through, in 2015, which explored the rise of purpose-led companies and their characteristics. It is the inspiration for much of the MissionLab process and outputs. 

Access your free chapter now

Access your free chapter now

Chapter 1 outlines the concept of mission and how the breakthrough brands of today have succeeded by building a mission that inspires belief, generates a following and instils a purpose beyond profit.