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Seven Hills Academy Session with Kevin Cahill CBE

Seven Hills was delighted to welcome Kevin Cahill CBE to the office yesterday for the latest Academy session.

Former Comic Relief chief executive and Sport Relief creator Kevin shared with the team the philosophy that has underpinned Comic Relief’s successful campaigns over the past three decades.

He spoke about the need to distill an organisation’s purpose into a clear message that resonates with the internal team as well as the public, in Comic Relief’s case: to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.

Founded in 1985, Comic Relief has since raised over £1 billion for poverty relief. Kevin spoke about developing the charity and associated TV show with Richard Curtis and pioneering the idea that celebrities and humour could be used to encourage charitable giving.

Kevin also told us about filming some of the most iconic Comic Relief moments featuring Sir Billy Connelly and Russel Brand.

It was a pleasure to have Kevin share insight and anecdotes, and we look forward to welcoming him back soon.

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Access your free chapter now

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