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seven hills lends support to masks for nhs heroes campaign

We are very proud to be supporting the doctors behind Masks for NHS Heroes, the grassroots crowdfunding campaign to help get vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline healthcare workers tackling the COVID-19 crisis. The critical shortage of PPE is one of the major challenges in addressing the COVID-19 crisis and has left thousands of NHS staff without essential protection.

In just two weeks, the campaign has raised more than £1.6m from 27,000 supporters including actor James McAvoy who personally pledged £275,000 and has been a major advocate through his Instagram channel and with the media.

The campaign is led by NHS doctors Mona Barzin, Salaj Masand, Ravi Visagan and Nav Kumar, and they have secured the support of DHL and Zen Cargo to transport and deliver the PPE to hospitals in the UK.

We’ve been lending our support over the past week to help secure media coverage of the campaign and help raise vital funds. Over the past few days, two of the team behind the campaign, Dr Mona Barzin and Ravi Visagan, have been interviewed live by the BBC News, Sky News and CNN.

To find out more and to donate to Masks for NHS Heroes, click here.

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