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seven hills welcomes ocean generation founder daisy kendrick for academy session

Seven Hills welcomed the founder of Ocean Generation, Daisy Kendrick, to the office today. She spoke to the team about campaigning to mitigate and prevent the disastrous effects of climate change and her recent work launching a ‘hackathon’ in Barbuda. In an impassioned Academy session, Daisy spoke about leveraging the power of technology to battle the causes and consequences of natural disasters. 

Daisy launched Ocean Generation when she was interning at the United Nations – where she spent two years working as an Advisor for the mission of Grenada.

Determined to innovate the non-profit sector and enlist the support of business, she explained how “big corporates need to take the lead in order for there to be real, long-term change.” This year Daisy is focusing on expanding her work in education and rolling out more coding and digital skills classes for affected communities.

Seven Hills has worked with Daisy since May 2017 and is proud to support Ocean Generation with its mission to highlight the importance of the ocean to the most connected generation in history.

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Access your free chapter now

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