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Strava partners with Sport England’s This Girl Can

New research from Strava, This Girl Can and Sport England has found that 1 in 3 UK women are currently taking a break from exercise, with low confidence preventing them from restarting.

To help address the problem and support women in their return to activities they love, Strava and This Girl Can have launched the ‘Make Your Comeback’ campaign. Through the power of community, the campaign will create a supportive, inspiring and motivating environment for women to return to exercise through the This Girl Can Club on Strava.  

Teddy Page, Strava UK, said:

“Finding motivation and seeking out a like-minded community has always been at the core of what Strava is about. We’re delighted to be partnering with This Girl Can to create a safe and encouraging space for women to support each other and get back into movement after a break.”


Kate Dale, This Girl Can campaign lead, said:

“The physical and mental health benefits of being active are profound, but millions of women are missing out on these for months or even years. This Girl Can Club on Strava will provide a supportive and  judgment-free space to build women’s confidence to take that first step and start again.” 


The Seven Hills team has thoroughly enjoyed supporting Strava, This Girl Can and Sport England to bring this campaign to life, securing coverage in the likes of The Independent, Stylist and Huffington Post. 

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