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15 March 2021

B Corps: Can business really be kind? – Michael Hayman for City AM

19 February 2021

Health and wellbeing could be the business opportunity of our age – Michael Hayman for City AM

14 September 2020

Entrepreneurs are an asset to grow. The government must give them time to thrive

10 August 2020

The world may seem bleak right now, but Team Human can still have the last laugh

23 March 2020

Stand firm and carry on: Advice for what comes next

9 March 2020

Human ingenuity and working together will pull us through the coronavirus crisis

10 February 2020

Boris has a war to fight, and he’s going to need all the friends he can get

29 January 2020

The new Downing Street team can’t afford to ignore business

13 January 2020

Founders need the stamina to run a marathon, not a sprint

19 December 2019

This is a political renaissance — but can British business adapt?

3 December 2019

Farewell to a decade of seismic change and existential anxiety

21 November 2019

Business cannot afford to sleep through this election

21 October 2019

Recover that Olympic spirit to give London back its mojo

9 September 2019

Only an election can sail the ship of state through the Brexit storms

12 August 2019

Chill out, take a breath, and don’t worry about wasting time

15 July 2019

We the people need to find a way to dispel the Brexit Blues

20 May 2019

To avert the deluge, business must unleash its heroic spirit

7 May 2019

This series of UK politics feels suspiciously like daytime TV

23 April 2019

For a brand like Nike, nothing beats an athlete with a crazy dream: Nick Giles for City AM

8 April 2019

Let’s not let rage become the prevailing story of our nation: Michael Hayman for City AM

25 March 2019

Don’t you dare tune out – your country needs you to step up

11 March 2019

Futuristic entrepreneurs are helping us reach for the stars

11 February 2019

Quit nostalgic navel-gazing and get excited for the future; Latest City AM column by Michael Hayman MBE

28 January 2019

We’re not as stuck as the Brexit blues would have you believe

14 January 2019

Britain’s economic hopes rest not on productivity, but happiness

17 December 2018

The new Brexit Wars episode is out: May the force be with you… Michael Hayman for City A.M.

12 December 2018

DEBATE: Can we stop worrying now? Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman for City A.M.

3 December 2018

We must not be prisoners of change: Latest City A.M. column by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman

19 November 2018

Big Brother – Brexit edition: Latest City A.M. column by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman

5 November 2018

Winter is coming: Latest City A.M. column by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman

22 October 2018

The best story wins, and right now that’s one of apocalypse: Latest City A.M. column by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman

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Access your free chapter now

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