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Chloe Smith

Senior Campaign Executive

Chloe is a Senior Campaign Executive at Seven Hills who is focused on delivering distinct media campaigns that resonate.

Working across Seven Hills’ social and content activity, Chloe assists in the creation of editorial projects for a range of technology and purpose-led clients including Here East and James Chen.

Chloe has also worked in the press office at key events such as Advertising Week Europe and has overseen press relations, accreditation and the facilitation of global Tier 1 broadcast interviews on the ground.

Before Seven Hills, Chloe completed a Law Degree at Aston University, specialising in intellectual property and Jurisprudence.

Driven by their love for storytelling, Chloe received a first class in their Dissertation which argued that Grime as a genre is subject to Institutional racism – evidenced through the application of Critical Race theory. While studying, Chloe worked in music journalism and also hosted and produced their own podcast centring around political and LGBTQIA+ issues.

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Access your free chapter now

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