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techUK President Jacqueline de Rojas CBE joins Michael on the latest Capital Conversation

Described by the Evening Standard as one of the UK’s ‘tech titans’, Jacquline de Rojas takes a reassuringly positive view of Britain’s technology ecosystem: “We are an absolute centre for robotics and AI, we are huge in data science, and we are probably – no actually – the biggest online ecommerce market on the planet”.

She joins Michael on the latest Capital Conversation this Sunday.

Their conversation ranges from the ethics of tech to the importance of tech in education, and an insight into her own background, “I needed to find a safe place other than home, and that was school”.

Looking to the future, with her eyes on AI, she says, “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Ethics is absolutely the front and centre thing that we have to grapple with as we move forward.”

Tune in to London Live to watch the full episode this Sunday at 5.30pm.

See the trailer here.

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