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The Future of Deals at The Ivy

“Be positive”, “find a reason to yes” and “ask for help if you need it – there’s loads out there.” Just a few snippets of the advice that some of Britain’s leading investors shared at The Ivy’s Future of Deals breakfast event this morning.

Chaired by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman, the panel discussion explored investment challenges and opportunities in a post-Brexit world and what’s hot and what’s not in investment right now.

The Future of Deals panellists were: Debbie Wosskow, co-founder of female-funding platform AllBright, George Whitehead, Venture Partner Manager at Octopus Ventures, Ed Wray, co-founder of Betfair and Luke Johnson, serial entrepreneur and Sunday Times columnist.

The lively breakfast debate revealed technology to be the primary investment target of the panellists, and concerns that the female funding gap is still far from bridged.

The issue of the lack of funding available to women in business was addressed last night by Debbie and Michael on the latest episode of the Capital Conversation – view here.

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