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the good business festival hosts first in-person event since lockdown

The Good Business Festival hosted the first in-person, live business event in more than 14 months last week. ‘Change Business For Good’ featured discussions on how health, growth and social recovery will continue to be intrinsically linked to business as we move out of lockdown.

Panellists examined how businesses can drive future success while ensuring they contribute towards improving our environment, reducing inequality and ‘levelling-up’ our regions.

The event was part of the Government’s pilot Events Research Programme where everyone in attendance required a coronavirus test before entering the venue, but there were no masks and no social distancing. For one day, life seemed almost ‘business as usual’ – although it may take a while longer for handshakes to make a complete return!

Claire McColgan MBE, Director of Culture Liverpool said: 
“When we think about the kind of world we want to live in and the ‘way’ we want to live, the crisis has allowed us to take stock of our situation and make considered decisions. In the Liverpool City Region, we’re committed to building the fairest, greenest, and most inclusive economy in the UK. The launch of ‘Change Business for Good’ is the business world’s wake-up call. A chance to listen, learn and make a change for the better.”
Wayne Hemingway MBE, Creative Director, The Good Business Festival, commented: 
“Change Business for Good marked the start of our return to normal life, with consumers and leaders coming together to explore the powerful potential of businesses to improve lives, deliver meaningful change and realise a purpose beyond profit. This event continued the conversation about the big challenges that our society faces that we will continue to tackle in July for the main three-day Good Business Festival, discussing ideas, inspiration and practical solutions to the problems that Covid-19 has shone a stronger light on in our society.”

The event captured national and international media interest, supported by our team at Seven Hills, who organised a press conference with the curators of The Good Business Festival and a government scientist to explain how they were conducting their research on behaviours and air flow throughout the day. Findings from the event will be submitted as part of an overall report on the programme to government later this month.

The event was covered by BBC News, Sky News, BBC World, Radio 4, ITV News as well as in The Times and BBC Online, offering hope about what comes next as we enter the next phase of pandemic restrictions.

The main three-day event of The Good Business Festival will take place in July. Find out more here:

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Access your free chapter now

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