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This Sunday: Dame Helena on the Capital Conversation

Dame Helena Morrissey is Michael’s guest this week on Capital Conversation – airing on London Live Sunday at 17:30.

One of the most powerful business leaders in the UK, Helena is Head of Personal Investing at Legal & General Investment Management, which has £894 billion of assets under management. In the interview, she discusses:

Brexit: Why Britain risks cloaking itself in despair rather than looking for opportunity. She says she has no regrets and would vote to leave again, given the chance. 

PM Theresa May: She stands by her assessment of Theresa May as a “likeminded doer”.

Challenges and the city: Her own experiences and the very real and often dark challenges for women working in business today.

“There’s a cultural issue we’ve been trying to change in the City since the financial crisis… it’s unfinished business.”

Watch the trailer below:


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Access your free chapter now

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