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this sunday: wikipedia founder jimmy wales on the capital conversation

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joins Michael this week as the latest guest on Capital Conversation.

A founding father of the internet age, Jimmy is an outspoken opponent of fake news and clickbait journalism.

He tells Michael how it will be hard to see how history will judge some of the biggest internet entrepreneurs. 

In April last year he launched WikiTribune, a platform where journalists report news stories which are fact-checked by volunteers.

When asked for his views on Brexit, Jimmy’s response is unequivocal, “Theresa please just admit it, you don’t like Brexit.”

Michael and Jimmy also discuss the business prospects of the capital, whether there is such a thing as too much freedom, and the impact that Trump has had on truth and politics.


The show airs on London Live this Sunday at 17.30.

 You can watch the full trailer here .



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