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Change Makers

Change Makers is a platform created by Seven Hills to champion a new breed of leaders characterised by a restlessness to see positive change. The first Change Makers Summit took place in 2018; a gathering of entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, philanthropists and investors, all driven to make a difference. The podcast launched in 2020, presenting fresh ideas and inspirational life stories from people with a passion.


Conversations with some of the world’s most interesting individuals, reflecting on ideas, humanity and life lessons for the modern age.


Remarkable times are an invitation to think differently.

The Collaborations

Curated collaborations, bringing the inspiration and ideas of Change Makers to life through different channels.

Change Makers
Cephas Williams at The Change Makers Summit

The Summit

The Change Makers Summit is 
the annual event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, business leaders 
and innovators – all united in their commitment to making a difference.

Access your free chapter now

Access your free chapter now

Chapter 1 outlines the concept of mission and how the breakthrough brands of today have succeeded by building a mission that inspires belief, generates a following and instils a purpose beyond profit.