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Change Makers: Renee Elliott, Stephen Welton, Will Butler-Adams

In episode 5 of Change Makers, Michael brings you a fascinating interview with Planet Organic founder Reneé Elliott who gives her top tips for maintaining a positive mindset through lockdown, why you should always put yourself first, and says why she believes the lessons of lockdown will enable us to tackle other great challenges ahead.

In 1995, Renée Elliott founded Planet Organic, the first organic supermarket in the UK and now a successful multi-million-pound brand. From an early age she was asking: is there a better way? And she has been committed to that ethos ever since. Hers is a healthy living story that has created a haven for food and encouraged more of us to make the right choices. Together with Sam Wigan, she is co-founder of business and life skills academy Beluga Bean.

Renee in kitchen

Michael Hayman is joined by CEO of cycling sensation Brompton, Will Butler-Adams for the latest episode of Change Makers. In a candid conversation, Will talks about how he has kept the business on the road, what COVID-19 is telling us about the state of our cities, why calculated risks will become a part of our everyday lives post-lockdown, and the responsibility of leaders in the ‘new normal’. It’s an interview packed with insights and inspiration, so tune in!

Will Butler-Adams is the CEO of the folding two-wheeled wonder Brompton Bicycle. Since jumping into the saddle as the company’s managing director in 2008, Will has flown the flag for British ingenuity and turned ‘Brompton’ into a byword for creativity and innovation – taking the company from bicycle business to cycling sensation with over £25 million in turnover and more than 200 staff.

Willy B 2

BGF founder and CEO Stephen Welton is our fourth guest on Change Makers. The man behind the world’s most active growth investor gives an optimistic view of the landscape for businesses in a difficult time, and says we need to re-write the art of the possible to power economic recovery. Plus hear about his and BGF’s connections to GCHQ, Ian Fleming and M!

Stephen is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the the world’s largest active growth investor, BGF. The company believes in the power of brilliant businesses to drive innovation, generate progress and deliver prosperity. In less than a decade it has grown from 1 to 14 offices across the UK and Ireland, with nearly £2bn invested and a team of 170.

Stephen Welton with cute dog

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Access your free chapter now

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