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Advertising Week 2020 Week 2 continues live from New York

October saw the second week of Advertising Week 2020 (AW2020), with the reimagined virtual summit, combining the Europe and New York events, broadcasting live from New York. The week was heavily star-studded, with speakers including Paris Hilton, Michael Phelps, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Halle...

Atmosphere, Advertising Week Europe, Picturehouse Central, London, UK - 19 Mar 2019
AW2020 kicks off in Europe before shifting to the US

This week marked the start of Advertising Week 2020 (AW2020), a reimagined virtual event broadcasting live this week from London, and from New York in Week two. AW2020 promises to be the world’s largest gathering of the creative, entertainment, media and technology industries. The event provides a global...