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Alex Rich

Campaign Executive

Alex is a Campaign Executive who works across an array of accounts, based particularly in the technology and finance sectors, including Tech London Advocates, Innovate Finance, Pembroke VCT, Academy and Generation. He also supported the launch of Transformbase,  nurturing client-journalist connections.

Having interned at Seven Hills during the early part of 2023, he gained experience of critical issue communications at Brunswick Group, before returning to Seven Hills later that year.

At undergraduate, Alex studied Politics and International Relations at York University, progressing to do a Masters at the LSE in Politics and Communication the following year. During his studies he focused particularly on media analysis, writing a dissertation on broadsheet and tabloid reporting of the post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ policy document – which he also analysed. He is an avid foodie, with a love for cooking in his spare time.

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Access your free chapter now

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