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  • Seven Hills ranked 11th in the Startups 100 2013
  • Michael Hayman and Nick Giles ranked as two of GQ's 100 most connected men 2014
  • nails inc: Applying the polish to one of the UK's leading beauty brands
  • Simply Business: Insuring a bright future for Britain's entrepreneurs
  • Ffrees: Lifting the lid on the national savings crisis
  • Michael Hayman MBE: Telegraph Enterprise Columnist
  • Nick Giles appointed StartmeupHK ambassador for Hong Kong

Seven Hills ranked 11th in the Startups 100 2013

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  • Seven Hills co-founders Nick Giles and Michael Hayman have demonstrated their support for the new Dot London initiative in the April 16th edition of the London Evening Standard. Their support came in the form of the signing of an open letter written by London Mayor Boris Johnson. In the letter, Mr ... Read more

  • The recent downturn in the tech markets should not be cause for panic, argues Michael Hayman in his latest Daily Telegraph article. Many have seen the relentless rise of tech stocks as reckless, arrogant and lacking common sense, exemplified by Facebook’s recent £19b acquisition of WhatsApp and ... Read more

  • Seven Hills client Ffrees Family Finance last week revealed that over three million adults in Britain do not have a bank account. This number is double previous estimates by HM Treasury’s Financial Inclusion Taskforce, and four times what it was before the financial crisis of 2008. Ffrees, ... Read more