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Academy host ‘The AI Imperative: Getting Ready for Workforce 2.0’

Academy and its CEO and founder Ashley Ramrachia hosted a breakfast event this week exploring Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact the workforce of the future.

With Seven Hills co-Founder and chair, Michael Hayman, hosting the event alongside Jimmy McLoughlin, host of the podcast Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future, the event tackled some of the most fundamental questions about AI and the workforce, including whether the technology will augment our jobs or automate them, and whether Britain can lead in AI safety and regulation.

Speakers included Professor Sana Khareghani, former Head of the UK Government Office for AI, former Chief Data and AI Officer at BT, Adrian Joseph, Margarete McGrath, Global Strategic Propositions Lead at Dell Technologies, and Saul Klein, co-founder of LocalGlobe and Non-Executive Director at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

The panel discussed how AI literacy amongst both employers and workers would have to be improved for the UK to take full advantage of the technology, and that we should have ambition to lead the world in literacy, regulation and safety.

With diverse perspectives being offered from across the public and private sectors, the event struck at the heart of one of the great issues of our time. An impressive guest list of top-level executives were present at LocalGlobe in the heart of London, from business heavyweights including BP, the City of London, Deloitte and Octopus Ventures.

As the event’s title implied, encouraging more conversations of this sort is of fundamental importance in preparing the Britain for the future of work.

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