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Building bonds: a day of team-building with the British Army

This Wednesday, our senior leadership team took part in a unique team-building and leadership exercise, hosted by the British Army at a training camp in the Surrey countryside.

Having been asked to prepare for all possible weather conditions, the team assembled at 10:00 at the start point, and along with representatives from across many other organisations spanning the public, private and third sector, we received a military style briefing about the day’s proceedings.

Thankfully the weather stayed dry, and over the course of the day, our team was tasked with a series of physical, mental and team-building challenges – all requiring close communication, collaboration, problem-solving and teamwork to achieve success. Challenges varied from physical performance and training, to handling military equipment, artillery and even learning how to rescue teammates and ‘fellow soldiers’ in combat situations.

It was a brilliantly organised day, and we’re hugely thankful to the British Army for the unique training experience and the new skills and appreciation for the army’s work that we acquired through the process.

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Access your free chapter now

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