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M Squared demonstrates quantum computing breakthrough

M Squared recently demonstrated its pioneering new quantum computing breakthrough at the UK’s National Quantum Technologies Showcase.

The system it developed continues its mission to develop technologies that will help address complex global problems. 

M Squared is a multi-award winning photonics and quantum technology company, which designs and engineers laser systems that underpin fundamental scientific research at leading institutions in more than thirty countries.

For the first time at the showcase, M Squared demoed its quantum computing platform Maxwell – a state of the art neutral atom platform the development of which is a key milestone in the progression of viable quantum computing hardware. The technology enables the reliable scaling of computing power and has exciting potential to address complex problems in fields such as logistics and life sciences. This marks a major step toward commercially viable quantum computers.

Maxwell was built through the combined capabilities in advanced laser systems and quantum system integration of M Squared, with the Rydberg atom and quantum algorithm expertise at the University of Strathclyde.

M Squared also demonstrated the world’s first commercial quantum accelerometer, which measures how an object’s velocity changes over time to track its position more accurately than anything in existence. It’s a quantum-powered compass that enables highly accurate navigation without relying on satellites. 

M Squared has demonstrated several UK firsts in the commercialisation of integrated quantum systems, yielding unique expertise and insight into quantum technology with ongoing interactions with major industrial, financial and governmental bodies. Seven Hills is proud to support them as a leading light in global technology and innovation.

IMAGE: M Squared Photonics’ platform for a neutral atom quantum processor

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