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Taking Disability Inclusion to the United Nations

This week, The Valuable 500 took to the stage of the United Nations #INFOCUS conference in Geneva to encourage global business leaders to recognise the importance of disability inclusion and value the 1.3 billion disabled people around the world.

The event coincides with the announcement of 18 further organisations joining The Valuable 500 movement by committing to put disability inclusion on their business leadership agendas.

Businesses including the global talent firm Alexander Mann Solutions; Gett the global ride hailing app; and the cinema network Cinema City are the latest to sign up and pledge to become accountable to disability inclusion.

The latest sign-ups follow a series of events across the globe drumming up support for The Valuable 500. It now represents the first truly global campaign of disability inclusion with businesses from UK, US, Spain, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, France and Switzerland signing up.

Launched at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Summit in January, The Valuable 500 urges global business leaders to become accountable for disability inclusion within their businesses. Other global brands that have already signed up include Virgin Media, Unilever, Barclays, Accenture, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Bloomberg, Sainsburys and Danske Bank.

The Valuable 500 recognises that when businesses take the lead and take action, society will follow leading to real change being made.

Seven Hills has been leading the global media campaign for The Valuable 500 since its launch in 2017.

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Access your free chapter now

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