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Abi Cottrell

Senior Designer

Abi works across all Seven Hills’ clients. Her recent work includes leading on the design of the Global Tech Advocates website, the branding and website for LORCA Live 2.0 and various print and web collateral for M Squared. She also works with the new business team to create an array of design assets for new business proposals and brand positioning.

Prior to Seven Hills, Abi generated in-house design, photography and marketing materials for the golf industry. This was preceded by a graphic design apprenticeship at a creative experience agency where she worked on event collateral and web and app design for companies ranging from FTSE 100 multinationals to niche industry specialists in finance and pharmaceuticals.

In 2019 Abi organised the Seven Hills Bake Off to raise money for her participation in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, and now continues to run for charity and is a keen member of the Seven Hills Run Club. She has also taken part in a skydive, jumping from a plane at 13,000ft to raise money for The Alzheimer’s Society.

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Access your free chapter now

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