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The pursuit of happiness: Sir Anthony Seldon on Capital Conversation

Young Britons have never been less happy. That’s one of the findings of The Prince’s Trust annual UK Youth Index, which revealed the wellbeing of the nation’s 16-25 year olds is at its lowest ebb since 2009.

And yet, says Sir Anthony Seldon, happiness has to be the key focus in all our lives. The Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham joined Michael this week on The Capital Conversation.

“Britain is a misguided country because we’re not focusing on what really matters… you can buy a second car, a yacht, and none of this makes you happier. Happiness comes from relationships, being respected, feeling that you belong”

In education, Sir Anthony thinks we’re letting young people down: “We’re using humans to teach humans to become more like robots in our factories, we need to be using robots to teach humans to become more like humans”

Moving onto leadership, Sir Anthony describes the threads he sees binding past and present Prime Ministers: “They all leave no.10 unhappy… they’re often much more conscious of their lack of power. It’s a very insecure place to be”

Watch the full episode here.

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