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VR training specialist Gemba secures $18M in Series A funding round to develop enterprise metaverse

Gemba has announced its $18 million Series A funding round, at a $60 million valuation led by New York investor Parkway Venture Capital

The investment will be used to accelerate the company’s growth in EMEA and to fund the expansion into the North American market as the company leads the way in the new Virtual Reality as a Service (VRaaS) corporate training space. 

In a workplace training sector that hasn’t changed in decades but has great potential for disruption in the metaverse, Gemba is a virtual reality powered training platform that enables workers to train from a remote location. 

It is an impactful solution to the biggest challenge faced by transformational leaders – the roll-out of powerful and effective training at scale, in a compelling and cost-efficient way. 

Through its proprietary Virtual Reality offering combining software, content and service, Gemba helps global enterprises seeking to train distributed workforces across multiple sites through highly immersive learning programs, simulated factory walks, and live training events – simply by putting on a VR headset. 

The funding round will accelerate the development of the platform, enabling access to Gemba on a subscription basis. Users will benefit from an ever-expanding virtual world of training simulations, tools and learning experiences that can be easily accessed through online app stores at any time, anywhere. With the introduction of colocation services, adaptable mixed reality spaces, AI-powered consultants, and a secure and customisable version for enterprise use at scale, Gemba is a reliable tool for transformation across the global workforce. 

“Gemba is at the forefront of a new enterprise metaverse. It’s virtual, hands-on, cost efficient and the VR learning experience is incredible, but it’s the real-world ROI that’s been beyond expectations for our customers,” says Nathan Robinson, CEO of Gemba. “Gemba is the right solution at the right time, and we are thrilled to welcome Parkway VC as partners in our joint mission to help people and organisations thrive in the next era of work.”

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