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What next for entrepreneurs? Coutts Entrepreneur Month launches on Tuesday

This article originally appeared on the Coutts website to launch its inaugural Entrepreneur Month, which Seven Hills will be supporting. 

This October, Coutts is hosting its inaugural Entrepreneur Month – a nationwide series of events that will celebrate and provide a voice for the high-growth firms defining the future of the UK economy.

For centuries, Coutts has been the bank of pioneers. In these uncertain and fast-changing times the pioneers of today are the innovators, the entrepreneurs, who not only adapt to this change, but drive it.

Entrepreneurs don’t dwell on the past. They look to the future and the next opportunity, the next challenge to meet – they are always thinking ‘where next?’

WHERE NEXT? It’s this mind-set that Britain needs to harness to maintain its place on the world stage, creating an optimistic narrative for a country in the grip of change.

Coutts shares this optimism and aims to empower entrepreneurs in its network by providing insightful advice, sharing experienced banking support and creating invaluable connections.

Over the course of October we will bring together hundreds of business leaders, founders and thinkers from across sectors to hear from a range of speakers on where next for Britain’s entrepreneurs: from investment to innovation, to diversity and purpose.
“Our research shows that while many entrepreneurs have the ambition to get to the point where they can sell their business, making it happen remains a challenge for most.”

SETTING THE STAGE On 2 October, Coutts will host over 300 dynamic entrepreneurs for the first event of the month at our building on the Strand in London. They’ll hear from renowned leaders including The Black Farmer, Wilfred Emmanuel Jones; James Lohan, co-founder of online travel club Mr & Mrs Smith; CEO of YO! Sushi Robin Rowland; founder of networking site The Dots Pip Jamieson; and Alexander de Carvalho, co-founder of ‘GovTech’ startup PUBLIC.

The evening will be hosted by chair of entrepreneurs at Coutts, Michael Hayman, with contributions from Coutts managing director Dylan Williams and chairman Lord Waldegrave.

UNCOVERING THE FUTURE FOR ENTREPRENEURS Following the launch, the bank will turn its attention to a number of the key issues and conversations facing entrepreneurs today.

11 October – Finding purpose
A breakfast briefing that will see a panel of business leaders discuss why purpose matters, its role in attracting the next generation of talent, and why it is vital if businesses are to win over today’s consumers.

17 October – Mind the gap – addressing diversity
We will bring together a panel of dynamic leaders to explore how you can foster a diverse and inclusive workforce from bottom to top and the benefits it can bring your business.

22 October – Spotlight on innovation
An exclusive dinner for technology entrepreneurs. Looking at the future of automation, AI and the next industries ripe for disruption, our guests will explore how Britain can continue to be a home for innovation.

30 October – Closing dinner
Coutts Entrepreneurs Month will culminate with a gala dinner for 150 entrepreneurs who will hear Dame Helena Morrissey, founder of the 30% Club, and Cobra Beer founder Lord Karan Bilimoria discuss ‘The Future of Britain’. With both speakers holding opposing views on the potential impact of Brexit on UK business and the economy, guests will hear contrasting takes from two of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the public sphere.

NEXT STEPS The conversations we have throughout October will not end on 1 November.

When we say ‘Where Next?’ we don’t want this to be rhetoric, but action. We want to bring the vision of entrepreneurs to life, to tell their stories, interrogate how to harness the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and inspire others with the energy and ambition to think about the future.

Articles and key learnings from each event, in addition to in-depth profiles of a number of our speakers, will be uploaded to the Coutts Insights page throughout Entrepreneurs Month. We hope these will provide the motivation for others to challenge the traditional way of doing business and help Britain thrive.

Coutts will be there for that journey, and it begins on 2 October.

KEY TAKEAWAYS Entrepreneurs are vital to the future of Britain, bringing drive and optimism to a culture in change. In recognition of the role they play, Coutts launches Entrepreneur Month with an event at our building on the Strand in London on 2 October.

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