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young enterprise shows there’s no time like the future

Young Enterprise launched its ambitious three year campaign, No Time Like The Future – aimed at delivering one million opportunities to young people to help them thrive – yesterday in central London.

The charity, which aims to provide young people with the financial and entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the workplace, held the event in partnership with the University of London at UCL Base KX.

No Time Like The Future is a call to action to ensure no young person is left behind, to close the skills gap and deliver opportunities that future generations deserve- no matter what their background.

The event brought together Young Enterprise alumni, education and policy stakeholders, philanthropists and business leaders to explore how we can ensure young people have the tools to build successful futures.

Speakers included Sir Rod Aldridge, Founder, Capita; Bob Gilworth, Director of Careers Group, University of London; and Coral Taylor, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, HSBC; alongside to Young Enterprise CEO Sharon Davies and alumnus Nahyan Islam. The event was moderated by Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman MBE DL.

In her speech, CEO Sharon Davies set out her vision for the future of the charity, aiming to create one million opportunities to help young people get a fair start to building a bright future by 2023, which marks the 60th anniversary of Young Enterprise. To do this, the charity aims to mobilise 40,000 volunteers, teachers and alumni and secure an investment of £16 million.

She added: “By giving young people access to programmes that help them learn to earn and look after their money, to develop that all important enterprising mindset, we can help build foundations for them to make a valuable contribution to their communities and to wider society – wherever they live and whatever their background.”

Seven Hills was thrilled to support Young Enterprise with launching the campaign, with Sharon Davies also appearing on Sky News’ Ian King Live to discuss the campaign.

Find out more about No Time Like The Future here

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