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Bambino Mio announces £13m investment from BGF

Bambino Mio, the UK’s most popular reusable nappy brand, announced this week a £13m investment by BGF, the UK & Ireland’s most active investor. This is the largest investment ever in a reusable nappy firm in the UK, demonstrating the potential of the sector and the scale of Bambino Mio’s growth ambitions.

Founded in 1997 by husband and wife team, Guy Schanschieff MBE and Jo Schanschieff, Bambino Mio creates long-lasting, stylish and affordable reusable nappies for babies from birth to potty-training. The company brings together a team of passionate minds to create products which are better for babies, better for parents, and better for the planet as a whole.

Disposable nappy products are currently the third biggest contributor to landfill, and 90 billion disposables are thrown away globally every year contributing to the world’s plastic pollution and non-biodegradable waste. Disposable nappies are currently in the top 25 products found in the ocean. Bambino Mio exists to provide an alternative – reusable nappies which are both sustainable and responsible to the planet – they produce 99% less waste and 98% less raw materials.

The investment is testament to Bambino Mio’s industry leading product development and positive efforts to make reusable nappies mainstream. The purpose-led Northamptonshire-based business has experienced rapid growth due to the worldwide emphasis on the effects of single-use plastic which has led in turn to a rise in more eco-conscious consumers.

Guy Schanschieff MBE, Co-Founder of Bambino Mio, said:

“At Bambino Mio, we are on a mission to create nappies that do good. Our products are carefully designed to improve the experience for babies, as an affordable alternative to disposables and to tackle the huge problems the world is facing from plastic pollution.

“This further investment means we can continue to work towards our ambition of becoming a true global leader in sustainable and reusable products in the FMCG sector. We want to continue to positively disrupt the nappy industry and shift consumers and new parents to a sustainable and environmentally friendly nappy for their children that has tangible benefits to their baby, their wallet and to our world”

BGF Investor James Syrotiuk will join the Board of Bambino Mio as a Non-Executive Director, said:

“We regard Bambino Mio as a leading brand in the growing global reusable nappy market and are thrilled to be backing a purpose driven management team who are passionate about improving the environment through the reduction of single-use plastics. Bambino Mio is already established in Europe and with a growing global footprint, there is significant opportunity to increase market share in all territories by supercharging the brand and product development worldwide.”

Seven Hills supports the work of both Bambino Mio and BGF, and secured coverage of this milestone investment in The Times.

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