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Bethany Koby is Seven Hills’ Change Maker of the Year

Bethany Koby, co-founder of Tech Will Save Us, has been named as Seven Hills’ Change Maker of the Year for 2018.

HRH Princess Eugenie of York and Lord Young of Graffham presented Bethany with the award at the inaugural Change Makers event at Bloomberg’s European Headquarters.

This award is in recognition of Tech Will Save Us’ achievements in promoting and encouraging children’s learning about technology, as well as their remarkable contribution to STEM education and the development of skills for the future of work.

Lord Young was invited to introduce Bethany at the conclusion of last Tuesday’s event, following his Lifetime Achievement Award at The Summit: The Future of Growth in 2015.

Change Makers focused on the role of campaigning leaders from both business and public life who make the difference.

With Bethany’s award, we celebrated those doing something different in the uncertain world of fast-growing technologies.

“Sixty five percent of kids in primary and nursery school today will have jobs that do not exist yet,” Bethany said ahead of the event. “Many of these jobs will be about problem solving – they’ll do that using technology.”

To find out more about Tech Will Save Us and see their range of products, click here.

And for more on Change Makers 2018, visit us here.

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