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To shape and deliver a global campaign that puts disability inclusion at the heart of the global business leadership agenda.


Seven Hills supported Caroline Casey with the creation of The Valuable 500 campaign in 2019 and has since been at the heart of its global communications and press activity. This includes identifying platforms for Caroline to raise awareness of the campaign – ranging from South by Southwest in Texas through to Advertising Week in New York, and most recently Davos. It also includes proactive campaigning to make the case for disability inclusion in mainstream national and international business media. 

“It’s no longer good enough for companies to say ‘disability doesn’t fit with our brand’ or ‘it’s a good idea to explore next year’. Businesses cannot be truly inclusive if disability is continuously ignored on leadership agendas”. – Caroline Casey, Founder

Caroline Casey, Founder, the Valuable 500
Valuable 500_Square Image_1150x1150
Caroline Casey at the World Economic Forum 2022


Seven Hills’ sustained media campaign for The Valuable 500 has driven coverage across national and international publications and elevated the issue of disability inclusion in the business media.

Caroline is now widely acknowledged as the leading commentator on disability inclusion in business – she is a regular guest on BBC Breakfast and other international broadcasters.

More recently, Seven Hills supported Katy Talikowska’s appointment as the new CEO of the Valuable 500, with an impressive track record leading on inclusion in the advertising industry. As part of the announcement, Katy engaged with journalists at outlets like Bloomberg, Morning Brew, People Management and Campaign.

Caroline Casey at One Young World summit 2019 in London
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