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Change Makers Podcast Guests in June: Greg Hoffman, former CMO of Nike and more

In June’s Change Makers episodes, Michael Hayman is joined by Greg Hoffman, former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Nike; Tom McGillyCuddy, Co-Founder, Circa5000; Romi Savova, Founder & CEO, PensionBee and Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO, The Girls Day School Trust.

Greg Hoffman, former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Nike – How to design emotion: behind the curtain of a global brand 

During almost 30 years with the company, Greg led three Olympic campaigns and worked with global superstars from LeBron James to Serena Williams.

He described his approach to brand building as seeking out the day dreamers and taking them seriously, recognising that visionary ideas come not only from ingenious individuals but from whole cultures of innovation.

It’s an approach that drove the ideas behind some of the most famous marketing campaigns in history and a story that is told in Greg’s new book, Emotion By Design, described by BT Sport’s Jake Humphrey as “the ultimate playbook to unleashing creativity.”

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Tom McGillyCuddy, Co-Founder, Circa5000 – Investing in a human future: how to thrive in the year 5000 

Tom McGillycuddy is co-founder of CIRCA5000, describing itself as “the investment platform of the human future.”

With a vision of a thriving planet in the year 5000, the company asks us to question whether people will be included in that future. And the answer to a certain human future? Impact investing. 

CIRCA5000 offers its customers the chance to invest in the sustainable businesses enriching the planet. Launched in 2019 as tickr, alongside business partner Matt Latham, the company now has more than 150,000 investors and has had its own purposeful credentials recognised through B Corp status.

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Romi Savova, Founder & CEO, PensionBee – Owning your future: no time like the present

Romi Savova is the founder and CEO of PensionBee, the company bringing pensions into the 21st century.

Romi’s story is one that begins in Bulgaria and has taken her to the London Stock Exchange, via South Africa and the US, with stops at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley on the road to entrepreneurial success.

Founded in 2015 to provide savers with a low-cost, easy-to-use and transparent pension plan, PensionBee today serves 800,000 customers, helping them to be pension confident and put their money towards a better future.

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Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO, The Girls Day School Trust – Lessons in leadership and learning: the power of girls’ education

Cheryl Giovannoni is CEO of The Girls Day School Trust (GDST), a cohort of 25 independent schools that encourage girls to learn without limits. With alumni including Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Afua Hirsch, Miriam Margolyes, and Mary Beard, among many others, the Trust schools look to develop character beyond curriculum and individual progression for each of its students.

The GDST was founded in 1872 by four pioneering women and Suffragettes, Mrs Maria Grey, her sister Miss Emily Shirreff, Lady Stanley of Alderley and Miss Mary Gurney. They believed that girls should be entitled to the same academic education as their brothers. Today, with 19,000 students and almost 4000 staff, the Trust has doubled down on its commitment to work with future generations of women who will change the world for the better, for us all.

Cheryl joins Michael on Change Makers to discuss the education landscape in the UK today, the power of learning to shape lives, and leadership lessons from her career in advertising as well as education ahead of her speech at the National Coalition of Girls Schools’ Global Forum in Boston.

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