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Network for Entrepreneurs Urges Founders to Give Back

EG (Entrepreneurial Giving) launched this week at The Shard HQ of The Office Group. EG founder and serial entrepreneur Maurice Ostro OBE urged founders of firms to give back.

EG is a network that introduces entrepreneurs to philanthropy – specifically by encouraging them to donate a percentage of their start-up’s exit proceeds to charity and creating a mission-based ethos at the core of their business as they grow.

Speaking at the event was Financial Times columnist Caroline Fiennes who spoke alongside Seven Hills co-founder, Michael Hayman MBE.

Michael spoke of his own experiences as a co-founder of the national campaign for early stage businesses, Start Up Britain. He praised the growth of an entrepreneurial economy in the UK that now sees some eighty firms an hour registered around the country.

He called on entrepreneurs to seize on the opportunity of purpose to grow their businesses and to be forces for change in their communities.

Tweeting from the event, Lorna Bladen, Head of Campaigns at Enterprise Nation, wrote, “at the launch of Entrepreneurial Giving with Michael Hayman (where he has made the point that) really great businesses make you feel great, they liberate talent.”

The event was hosted by The Office Group a leading provider of design-led and flexible offices founded by Charlie Green and Olly Olsen and chaired by Lloyd Dorfman. In June 2017 Blackstone (a global leader in Real Estate investing) acquired a majority interest.

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Access your free chapter now

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