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The lady’s not for turning: Gina Miller’s campaigning crusade

Gina Miller is unapologetic when it comes to campaigning. The entrepreneur whose name is inextricably intertwined with Brexit, has fought to defend parliamentary sovereignty, for greater transparency in the financial sector, she’s spoken out about how charities choose to spend donations and, most recently forced a government U-turn on its planned £1bn deal with the DUP.

“The status quo is somewhere where people look at each other and don’t like anyone who rocks the boat. In a way I suppose I tick all the boxes for making people cross” said Gina, while speaking with Seven Hills co-founder Michael Hayman on the recently returned Capital Conversation. The conversation, which aired last night on London Live, ranged from Gina’s upbringing in Guyana to taking on the UK establishment over Brexit.

Her outspokenness has come at a cost. She has received droves of sexist and racist abuse online for her decision to challenge the UK Government on its right to invoke Article 50.  “It is horrific but it has shown me that it’s even more vital that I speak up,” she says. “If you knock me down, I’ll get up again.”

While critics have questioned Gina’s motivations, she holds firm, “I’m very considered in what I say and I choose my battles. I’m not interested in just making noise for the sake of making noise.”

An entrepreneur by trade, Gina founded female-focused investment platform, launched the True and Fair Campaign – which aims to increase transparency in the financial sector – and co-founded investment firm SCM Direct.

When asked about what makes her optimistic for London’s future, Gina replied: “In London we’ve got a new generation of entrepreneurs, especially in the tech industry who are far more socially minded.”

She is currently writing her memoir ‘Rise’.


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Access your free chapter now

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