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Here East’s inaugural ‘East London Innovators’ campaign launches

This week, Seven Hills helped to launch Here East’s inaugural ‘East London Innovators’ campaign.

The campaign celebrates 50 individuals for their dedication to making innovative societal change. These include business leaders, teachers, start-up founders, artists and more working in the East London community.

The innovators are tackling diverse problems from food waste, to homelessness, to the representation of women in STEM.

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East, opened the evening and acknowledged the role that talent in the East London community had played in the campus’s founding: “What attracted us to this site was the amount of innovation and creativity in this area.”

Paul Brickell, executive director of regeneration and community partnerships at London Legacy Development Corporation added that he was overjoyed to see a new generation of talent utilising the resources in the community.

The innovators – who included founders of renewable energy supplier Bulb, Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka, and Miriam Goodacre, founder of ethical cleaning company Clean for Good – enjoyed a stunning photography exhibition, networking, and an evening of inspiring speeches at the Here East Press Centre.

You can see the full list of Here East’s East London Innovators here

Photo courtesy of Paul Clarke Photography

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