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james chen asks one young world: how can the whole world see?

James Chen, founder of the Clearly campaign, took to the stage at One Young World on Saturday evening to share his vision of a world where no one is denied access to vision.

Speaking to an audience of 1,300 young leaders from around the world, James highlighted the importance of tackling the world’s largest unaddressed disability: poor vision.

“The Clearly campaign is all about inspiring creative minds – like all of yours – to dream up and apply new social business models to this vital problem.” James commented, “I want to accelerate a revolution is eye care – for the people who need it most.”

Directly following his speech, James ran an interactive Clearly Lab with a team of One Young World delegates, designed to spark new ideas and approaches to this vital issue.

James joins One Young World as a new counsellor, alongside Emma Watson, Cher and economist Dambisa Moyo.

Seven Hills is running the global media campaign for One Young World for the sixth year, and has been a key partner since One Young World 2011 in Zurich.

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