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making sense and nonsense with rory bremner

Impressionist and comedian, Rory Bremner, spoke at the Seven Hills Academy this morning. Rory delighted the Seven Hills team with a humorous and insightful talk on politics, performing topical satire and his experiences with ADHD.

He spoke about the importance of preparation, always delivering tailored material and having a clear understanding of what makes your audience tick. Rory also addressed the current commissioning situation on television, told some incredible anecdotes and, of course, threw in some off-the-cuff impressions – much to the pleasure of the team.

Finally, Rory spoke with great sincerity about ADHD and coping with the condition. Pointing out that half a million children are affected by it, he spoke of his charity work and his plans to do more to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

Not only did Rory leave the Seven Hills team with smiles on their faces but also with valuable lessons about preparing speakers for events, the importance of adding colour to everyday work and how to best relate with any audience.


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