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Michael Hayman at Off The Shelf Festival

mission co-author speaks at leading book festival

Mission: How the best in business break through, the new book from Portfolio Penguin was the business keynote at the Off the Shelf literary festival in Sheffield.

The book, written by Seven Hills co-founders, Michael Hayman and Nick Giles was featured alongside other authors including Will Hutton and Mary Portas. 

Off the Shelf is one of the UK’s largest and most popular literary festivals. Speaking about the event, Mission co-author, Michael Hayman, said: “It was great to speak in my home city of Sheffield. It was a brilliant audience and there is no doubt that people want to know not only the secrets of great businesses but also how explosive growth firms will change our world. That is what Mission is about.”

Clare Parkin, a member of the audience, commented: “Inspiring and energetic talk by Michael Hayman as part of the Off the Shelf Festival with some fascinating new business stats to boot!”

Mark Edwards, Creative Director of The Engine Room also commented: “Superb talk tonight from Michael Hayman, very interesting especially regarding intangible value within business.”

Michael was interviewed by the organisers of Off The Shelf just ahead of the speaker session on issues including the book, the future of talent and the Northern Powerhouse. You can see it here:

Access your free chapter now

Access your free chapter now

Chapter 1 outlines the concept of mission and how the breakthrough brands of today have succeeded by building a mission that inspires belief, generates a following and instils a purpose beyond profit.