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Sixth Sense by Hexagon announces third challenge

Open innovation platform Sixth Sense, powered by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, has announced its Third Challenge. 

Sixth Sense is an innovative on-the-job scaling programme where ambitious start-ups can access Hexagon’s vast resources and connect with world-class companies to solve humanity’s biggest challenges and supercharge their business growth.

Seven Hills has worked with Sixth Sense and both of its previous cohorts since its launch in 2022 – delivering content, marketing, and events support across each campaign and at the culmination event of the programme, Demo Day. 

The new challenge will focus on two main themes:

  • Building a sustainable manufacturing future. This theme encompasses decarbonisation, waste reduction, and resource preservation for sustainable product design. 
  • Smart digital reality for collaborative manufacturing. This challenge area will explore how digital reality, Al, generative design, and NDT/NDE tools can optimise collaborative product design, virtual production simulation, analysis, and validation.

Hexagon is looking for start-ups with a propensity for scale and a proven track record. They should be working on products for advanced manufacturing and have revenues of $3m or less, post-seed, Series A or A+. They will have operated for 1-5 years and have proven product market fit. 

Shortlisted startups will join an intensive 10-week accelerator programme supported by coaching, funding and industrial use case references through Hexagon’s customers. Working alongside the Sixth Sense team of expert advisers, they will test their technology, refine company strategy and unlock new opportunities for growth.

This is a global challenge, so Sixth Sense is open to applications from anywhere worldwide. It is also particularly interested in diverse companies and encourages founders from underrepresented communities to apply. 

If you would like to join the Third Cohort, apply here before 6th September.

Access your free chapter now

Access your free chapter now

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